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Lachy Osirus:The Exodus

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The Exodus

1.Rap Messiah(Intro)


3.The Music ft Rum & Heavybag

4.Cold Outside ft Candis @SheIsHipHop

5.Never Sell My Soul ft Frankie Metales

6.The Dream ft Knew Era & Lizzy

7.Shades On

8.The Sign ft Frankie Metales

9.High Off Of Life ft Lace Jerz & T-Rav

10.Eternal Balling

11.Angel Of Death(Rise) ft Ac1ne30

Rap Messiah started off as a beast track for Lachy Osirus to demolish by pouring the blood out of his heart onto the concrete so everybody could notice it. I listen to this track numerous times because you can here the passion in his voice that he is keeping it real by the lyrics he displays as he expresses him self. This is a Grade A Hiphop track that you can bop too the track & get inspiration from the lyrics...

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Miss Ashley:Loyalty Over Everything

Miss Ashley - Loyalty Over Everything

2.)I Don’t Need A Valentine ft Shoboat & E Tha Turflord
3.)We’re Not Friends ft Bisshop & Don Kody
Speakers Blown
5.)Never Change
6.)Still Believe
7.)Game So Cold
8.)Stay Grindin ft Shoboat & Telli Prego
9.)Tryna Put On ft Shoboat & Tha Homie Jai
10.)Give Me This Beat
11.)How I Do It
12.)Do What It Do ft Shoboat
14.)Step Out

Miss Ashley mixtape Loyalty Over Everything is a good mixtape from the beginning to the ending mixed with good sexy lyrics & well thought out reflections of real life situations that she went through. The music production is on point to hold this entire mixtape together. Miss Ashley is a model/rapper from Canton, Ohio who is sexy & also a very talented lyricist to say the least...

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Maino:What Happened ft Jadakiss

This sound’s like a battle cry coming straight out of Maino’s mouth & Jadakiss is there to lend his two cent’s on the current status of the New York rap scene. Sometime’s I also wonder what happened over the last five or more years since the start of the recession the rap game had a lot of us questioning what happened? Lyrics up north turn into down south lyrics over night & a lot of rappers became nursery rhyme students of the game instead of being trendsetters. Maino lay’s down the law with straight up valid points about this rap game & Jadakiss demolishes the theory by getting direct to the point of this whole joint that is titled What happened?

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Public Enemy: Everything

Check out Everything by Public Enemy off of their latest album called Evil Empire of Everything. Real hiphop has no age & this new message is timeless. Chuck D just simply tells the truth from the heart that should be on main stream radio & tv but never will be! Support the realness because Public Enemy #1 back then, now & to eternity!

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