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The Game:100 ft Drake

With all the nonsense going on in the rap industry right now The Game & Drake came together to make a hot song that sounds like another stone in the great walls of hiphop. The beat is bananas that will make you feel like you can fly over your own hood while you pump this in your ear drums. The lyrical wordplay is laid back that throw direct shots to get both of their points across to whoever or whom they are talking about. We use to say keep it real but now we say 100. I’m a keep it 100 & put this as number one on my playlist. #WORD “Ya’ll better not come on my websites & blogs with that fake sh!t!” 100 🙂

Real nigga shit
Other night at your crib, it was like me, Black, 40, OB
We just sittin’ there talkin’ ’bout life
Played some beats, but I forgot to tell you one thing


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Raekwon:1,2 1,2 FT Snoop Dogg

Raekwon The Chef is back with some marvelous food for thought straight out of the kitchen along with Snoop Dogg to serve a healthy dose of fresh Hiphop for real Hiphop heads to enjoy. This joint goes dumb hard with lyrical sword play that is legendary. This is a dream collaboration between Raekwon from the Wu Tang Clan & our favorite west coast gangster rapper Snoop Dogg. This song is available on Raekwon new album called Fly International Luxurious Art that is available on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fly-international-luxurious/id973318965

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Raekwon:1,2 1,2 ft Snoop Dogg

The legendary Raekwon The Chef from the Wu Tang Clan & Snoop Dogg is back with a sure fire hiphop track that is laced with 100% pure lyrical ism. I would like to here more collaborations with these two music artists after they just made a track that sounded like pure hiphop magic. It get’s no better than this when you have the best lyrical music artist from the east coast & one of the greatest gangster rapper ever from the west coast come together to make a true hiphop classic together.

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This is that crack music off The Honest Cowboy EP by Stalley. He brings out that lyrical precision like he is on a mission to get it by any means necessary. Schoolboy rip’s this track to shreds like he is about to roll it up & smoke it! He flipped it real quick like it was crack in the hood & he sold the lyrics within seconds!

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