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Jodeci:Every Moment

K-Ci, Jojo, DeVante Swing & Mr. Dalvin are back as Jodeci with a smash R&B hit that brings that feeling when having love for another human being actually meant something. You can hear the pain & the passion in their music from the way the track is arranged to the way they are singing this song to bring it to life to actually make you feel that every moment feeling that we are missing these days. Over the years it has been a drought of good R&B music that could actually satisfy your ear drums like Jodeci use to do. For years we had to deal with  fake R&B music artists who were only out to make a dollar instead of really making music that real music lovers could relate to or appreciate. I am glad that Jodeci stepped back up to the plate to hit another home run & came together back as a team to release another classic album that we can day dream about love to make it happen in reality. I lost my virginity when Jodeci first release their first album back in the early 90’s. For many of us Jodeci was our coming of age favorite sound track narrators of Generation X who gave us the best baby making music ever to have passionate sex too. I will keep it real, the last decade or right before the new great depression of 2008, R&B music had lost is soul power. I lost my passion for sex because I no longer had good R&B music to listen too so I could get busy like I use to do. Once I heard this new Jodeci album I started to smile because I knew this album would restore the magic in the bed room. Who need’s viagra when we have Jodeci?


Written By:Vanny Goodfella aka Vann Gogh Black


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