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The Barchitects:Bars Of Death ft Gorilla Nems

The Barchitects are back once again with another dope music video called Bars Of Death ft Gorilla Nems. It’s good to see that these hardcore mc’s from different boroughs of the greater New York City area can come together peacefully to wage war on one track that is appropriately titled Bars Of Death. I love the way that they flow on this track while delivering a non stop river of bloody punch lines that will knock your head smooth off. While other rappers today lack strong conviction in their music these three brothers crushes any competition out here that swear that they have bars out here. In this ratchet age that we live we carefully have to separate the real from the fake because some music artists have it & some music artists don’t but it’s plain to see or shall I say hear that The...

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That lyrical duo that we love to see throw bars back & forth over dope ass beats is back with a another brand new music video called None Of Ya Better. BUGZ & MONEY BAGZ also known as THE BARCHITECTS from TEAM HOMI has released some of the most remarkable lyrics & songs over the last two years to let us know that Hiphop is right back where it started at. As long as these two brothers keep the flame lit the greater New York City area will keep sounding like the shiznit for real!

Download http://www.datpiff.com/TEAM-HOMI-PRESENTS-Bugz-Money-Bagz-The-Barchitects-Vol-1-mixtape.723979.html

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This video & freestyle collaboration features MALACHI, CERTIFIED GAGE, MONEY BAGZ & BUGZ going on this dope hiphop instrumental to make it a hiphop masterpiece that will refine hiphop in 2015 on what it should sound like. It’s been times that I wanted to stop listening to hiphop because of what commercial radio was pushing down our throats on a daily basis but with this type of hiphop you have to sound the alarm to go on a hunger strike for more music just like this. This type of music makes me fall in love with hiphop all over again. There has been so many stale moments in New York City area rap that most true school heads were converting to listening to music artists from the Dirty South. You have to thank TEAM HOMI, THE BARCHITECTS, BUGZ, MONEY BAGZ, MALACHI & CERTIFIED GAGE for still ...

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The Barchitects:Backwards(Freestyle)

Batman & Robin aka BUGZ & T MONEY BAGZ from the lyrically inclined rap group duo called The Barchitects are back in the building with another dope freestyle. From the bars these two brothers are spittin’ ain’t no competition that can defeat these two talented individuals that are on their daily mission. If you love real Hiphop then you will love The Barchitects because they aim & delivers the best bars in the music industry. I must admit I am a fan of theirs & I love there lyrical combative way of spittin’ bullets to murder every track that they choose to spit on. These two guys remind me of the hunger that rappers today should have because they are out to eat weak mc’s up who can’t compete with their ill street blues metaphors of philosophy...

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Those TEAM HOMI rap villains BUGZ & MONEY BAGZ are back with another new joint called BEWARE loaded with enough lyrical gun powder to ignite East Coast Coast Rap back into main stream heavy radio rotation air play. These rap cat’s are nice with it & I am glad that they are representing them selves by presenting them selves as true lyrical assassins in raw physical format. Since I have heard TEAM HOMI, I have been thinking about what real hiphop is verses that fake shit they are feeding us on the radio & television. This is hiphop to me that is raw poetry mixed with energy to deliver the master ingredients of what a true mc is suppose to be.

Written By:Vann Gogh Black aka Vanny Goodfella Tha Hu$tla

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SYNC by 50 On-Ear Wireless Headphones by SMS Audio

You have to respect these rap cats coming straight out of New York standing proudly like the Statue of Liberty with a torch lit & some construction boots on because they are puttin’ in hard work. BUGZ & MONEY BAGZ out of the TEAM HOMI rap click corporation is killing this rap game for a final destination to the top of the game. It’s good to see two real nigga’z gettin’ it in on this rap shit & killin’ it with ease. Some how I feel these guys got more in store for 2014. They be spittin’ those bars for days to make hiphop live once again! I was starting to lose my love for it but my homie @RYLTY1 kept telling me about his team who was part of the rap battle circuit. I never really cared to follow the genre but @RYLTY1 kept screaming TEAM HOMI all day every time I talked to him...

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BUGZ:Used To Be

Mad Catz Store

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/57758026″ params=”color=000000&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
Shout out to the homie BUGZ. He done created a timeless hiphop classic for generations to come. This is that realness from the heart & soul. He has displayed his best lyrical work yet on this dope ass joint. Listen to BUGZ as he takes his heart off his sleeve & rams it straight through the microphone with blood, sweat & tears with no fear. I think this is my favorite rapper in the game right now after this joint. Listen to these bars that are like old school classics running up & down the street beeping loud as hell getting your attention on the block & in your house...

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BUGZ:Bogies & Juice Boxes


1.)Ain’t Good Enough Produced By:Biggs
2.)Goodbye Produced By:K Boogie
3.)All I Know ft Play Boy Swag Produced By:Jvyrok Productions
4.)Hip Hop Holy Ghost Produced By:Mic Bully
5.)Me Plus 3 ft Triboro Produced By:Vinny Idol
6.)Fuck You Pay Me ft Malachi Produced By:Biggs
7.)Something Something Produced By:Kwan Lee
8.)makes It Clear ft Fitz Produced By:Fitz
9.)Stuck Produced By:Cook Carter
10.)They Don’t Like Me ft Money Bagz, Swave Sevah & P Stackz Produced By:P Stackz
11.)People ft Chordz Cordero Produced By:Blade & G Dog Productions
12.)Summer Day Produced By:P Stackz

Ain’t Good Enough Produced By:Biggs
The Instrumental sample had me gone back to the essence of hiphop basics on this well constructed track. Bugz reflects with his strong lyrical content on his aspirations from a youth t...

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Team Homi:The Yellow Tape


1.)Crosshairs ft P.Stacks, P.H., Amzilla, Q.B. Swave Sevah & Ike P.
2.)Bars Of Death ft Sean Price, Poison Pen & Swave Sevah
3.)Body On The Way:Moneybagz, P.Stacks & Amzilla
4.)Reign ft Jess Jamez
5.)Hiphop Holy Ghost ft Bugz
6.)Live What I Rap ft P Stacks
7.)King Latifah ft P.H.
8.)Cross The Line ft Swave Sevah
9.)Batterin Bars ft Sean Price & P.H.
10.)FOH ft Rockness Monstah
11.)Bully Rap ft Sean Price & Real Reality
12.)Bucket Low ft Swave Sevah & Ike P
13.)Problem Child Freestyle ft Poison Pen & Moneybagz
14.)Hiphop ft Moneybagz
15.)Spin Cycle ft Ike.P
16.)Talk 2 Em ft Swave Sevah & Ike.P
17.)The Hit ft Swave Sevah & Ike.P
18.)B-Boy ft Sara Kana, Poison Pen & Jess Jamez
19.)The Illest ft Ill Will

The Hiphop gods must be crazy for assembling this team of crazy insane lyrical hard hitt...

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