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BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah:Ray Gun ft DOOM

This is what dreams are made of. Three of the illest individuals coming together to make the perfect Hiphop track sounds like a James Bond movie slash Karate Flick slash Black Exploitation movie joint all in one. This song is a pure roller coaster ride over broken bottles in the hood & smooth ass roads in the suburbs. Bottom line this joint is so hot that it will leave you speechless.

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Ghostface Killah:Love Don’t Live Here No More ft Kandace Springs

Ghostface Killah aka Toney Starkz from the Wu Tang Clan is still the man with the bullet proof wallets & chest made of iron. This joint has the illest classic sample mixed with dope beats that makes Ghostface Killah shoot up the instrumental with his unique lyrical gift of gab. It seems that Ghostface Killah chamber will keep gettin’ filled up with classic hits one after another forever because since he first dropped he never fell off the map of Hiphop.

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Raekwon:1,2 1,2 FT Snoop Dogg

Raekwon The Chef is back with some marvelous food for thought straight out of the kitchen along with Snoop Dogg to serve a healthy dose of fresh Hiphop for real Hiphop heads to enjoy. This joint goes dumb hard with lyrical sword play that is legendary. This is a dream collaboration between Raekwon from the Wu Tang Clan & our favorite west coast gangster rapper Snoop Dogg. This song is available on Raekwon new album called Fly International Luxurious Art that is available on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fly-international-luxurious/id973318965

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Wu Tang Clan:Method Man

At MUSIC MAGAZIN3 0NLIN3 we pay homage to all true school music artists that all represent the true Hiphop culture with dope ass lyrics. This joint called METHOD MAN from Method Man from the Wu Tang Clan will always represent that rugged, raw & dope side of Hiphop when everything was all good in the hood.

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Wu Tang Clan:C.R.E.A.M.

C.R.E.A.M. still stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me because at the end of the day that’s what it is all about while we are still living in this New World Order. This song from Wu Tang Clan will always be a classic song that will never go out of style until every man, woman & child is free to breathe on free land.

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Raekwon:1,2 1,2 ft Snoop Dogg

The legendary Raekwon The Chef from the Wu Tang Clan & Snoop Dogg is back with a sure fire hiphop track that is laced with 100% pure lyrical ism. I would like to here more collaborations with these two music artists after they just made a track that sounded like pure hiphop magic. It get’s no better than this when you have the best lyrical music artist from the east coast & one of the greatest gangster rapper ever from the west coast come together to make a true hiphop classic together.

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