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Stalley:Feel The Bass

Ohio’s very own home grown music artist Stalley is back with that laid back Hiphop that is mixed with heavy lyrical swordplay to make you replay this song over & over. The beats Stalley chooses always have the illest bass lines & drum beats in them. Stalley is a sure fire winner as always on Rick Ross’s record label empire called Maybach Music. Stalley is the New Age Mc that is mixed with Classic Hiphop, Modern Hiphop & New Age Hiphop to bring the whole wide word unlimited hits direct from his hit list. Stalley comes with no type of gimmicks just real ill lyrical content with a true school B-Boy type of swagger.

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Shout out Ryan vason representing Cleveland, Ohio. This song has me wanting to resurrect my Cadillac Seville from the graveyard out of Youngstown, Ohio to take it on one more long distant joy ride. Only people who have rode in a old school Cadillac can relate to that feeling that he is talkin’ bout! Were goin’ to be bumpin’ this real life hiphop shit for a long time to come! #WORDLIFE

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Stalley:Midwest Blues

Stalley is back with the realness in his latest music video tilted Midwest Blues. This brother has to be the smoothest mc in the rap game right now killin’ it lyrically with his own brand of what a mc should sound like & look like. Midwest Blues sound like a track to make you happy for Hiphop that somebody from the midwest has took it & ran with it to represent it. Maybe Stalley should of named this track Midwest Hiphop. The lyrical sound boy is nice as it gets with his microphone acrobatics that he perform’s when he keep lacing dope ass instrumentals to make you lean back in your G-Ride or rental. I have to say once again that Rick Ross as The Boss has hired a well equipped hitman to keep delivering drive by tracks of real Hiphop for our ear drums...

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Miss Ashley:Loyalty Over Everything

Miss Ashley - Loyalty Over Everything

2.)I Don’t Need A Valentine ft Shoboat & E Tha Turflord
3.)We’re Not Friends ft Bisshop & Don Kody
Speakers Blown
5.)Never Change
6.)Still Believe
7.)Game So Cold
8.)Stay Grindin ft Shoboat & Telli Prego
9.)Tryna Put On ft Shoboat & Tha Homie Jai
10.)Give Me This Beat
11.)How I Do It
12.)Do What It Do ft Shoboat
14.)Step Out

Miss Ashley mixtape Loyalty Over Everything is a good mixtape from the beginning to the ending mixed with good sexy lyrics & well thought out reflections of real life situations that she went through. The music production is on point to hold this entire mixtape together. Miss Ashley is a model/rapper from Canton, Ohio who is sexy & also a very talented lyricist to say the least...

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Miss Ashley:How I Do It

Miss Ashley is a music artist from Youngstown, Ohio.

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This is that crack music off The Honest Cowboy EP by Stalley. He brings out that lyrical precision like he is on a mission to get it by any means necessary. Schoolboy rip’s this track to shreds like he is about to roll it up & smoke it! He flipped it real quick like it was crack in the hood & he sold the lyrics within seconds!

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