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Keith Sweat:Good Love

We had to give this new generation a long break & go back to the O.G.s of R&B music that are still making new classics in this modern day era. Besides you can’t go wrong with Keith Sweat when you need to get your lady in the mood to make love all night. The music on the radio these days are garbage & sometimes you need real good old fashion lyrics that you can relate too or that hit’s close to home.

Good luv, this is what I call luv
Good luv, don’t get no betta, babe
Good luv, than ur luv
No more to gain, baby
We’re just takin’ off, for wiser luv
If anybody asks you why you’re not comin’ in
Tell them that just to get luvwith me
I’m goin’ to be holdin’, squeezin’, lovin’, teasin’

You all day, baby
You all day, yes I am
You’re goin’ to be kissin’, squeezin’, lovin’ me crazy...

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Mary J. Blige:Thick Of It

Mary J. Blige is back with a new banger for the grown & sexy called Thick Of It. With the radio programming these days its good to see the Queen of Hiphop & R&B still making music for real people that can relate to her heart feeling jams that only Mary J. Blige can make. Watch the legendary Queen lay down the law of what it feels like when you are going through the thick of it.

[Verse 1]
Love ain’t just black and white
Ain’t that simple
It gets hard to tell whose wrong or right
When Its dark with us
I swear I barely see the light
Should I stick it out?
Are you worth this fight?
Are we worth this fight?
Cuz I ain’t no quitter babe
And I be damned if all these years I let you diss me babe
I was there when no one wanted to stay with you baby
You know I deserve more than this
I do


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Maino:Mama Loves Me

Maino has dropped a nice single with gems on it to reflect on the way his mother loves him. Sometimes we all need to get away from hardcore songs about violence or nonsense to reflect on what’s really important in our lives because we all get one mother in our life time & no other human being on this planet compares to the greatest one & that’s the one that created you. Maino from Brooklyn, New York has created a master piece of art with this joint called Mama Love Me.

[Verse 1]
Look, picture you dreaming just to wake up to a nightmare
Picture you wishing but nobody in this life cares
The sound of pistols still ringing in my right ear
From a place where life ain’t worth a pair of Nike Airs
Getting tired, just to cover up the pain I’m in
Grab the mallet just to feel like I’m Jermaine a...

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Queen T Carter:Backstabbers

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Often these days rarely comes along a rapper that captures the truth & reality of our culture in this current state of this rap industry game. Queen T Carter from Jersey City, New Jersey has her own swagger & terrific authentic natural beauty with great lyrical bars that makes her quite the amazing African American Queen that she is. We have been watching her for several years now as she continues to make Hiphop classics with her own brand & formula that works for her. She is what the tristate area needs with her unique talent that proudly represents New Jersey, New York City area & the whole East Coast. Backstabbers is a amazing song & video that we frequently love looking at & listening too...

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Uncle Murder:2016 Rap Up

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Uncle Murder is not one known for biting his tongue over a hot ass Hiphop track but he murked this joint by giving his News Report on everything that happened in America in 2016. You gotta love Uncle Murder for the simple fact that he can rap that real spit & also make you laugh at his bars that are true. The rap game needs him just for the simple fact that he keeps it real & he is the real genuine authentic real deal.

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Remy Ma:Shether

Remy Ma has just released one hell of a diss track that is aimed at Nicki Minaj head. I hope Nicki Minaj was wearing a bullet proof New York fitted cap to repeal these deadly lyrical bullets that were aimed directly at her skull cap. God bless Remy Ma for making East Coast Rap Music interesting again.
Free Remy!
You know what? Free Remy!
Fuck you, Free Remy!
(Fuck Nicki Minaj)
Are you dumb?
You wore a pink diamond chicken wing chain (Are you dumb?)
You had a leopard beehive on your head (Are you dumb?)
(Fuck Nicki Minaj)
Are you forgettin’ that I pressed you before, bitch?
(Fuck Nicki Minaj)

(I) Fuck with your soul like shETHER
(Will) You ain’t the queen, I’ll show you
(Not) Lipo your ass and belly
(Lose) I prove you lost alre...

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Sychopath:Mount Rushmore

Sychopath is back with a new video called Mount Rushmore. This New Jersey native is far from that commercial bubble gum type of rap music artist. He spit bars that hold weight like bricks of dynamite that explode as punch lines in your ear drums. I must have listened to this songs hundred of time already because it sounds like that real life New Jersey experience & theme music type of soundtrack to your daily journey or daily routine. Sychopath has a more lyrically acclaimed & mature stance in Hiphop that sounds more enduring than main stream rap artists. This Jersey City music artist has some good note worthy tracks in his backpack that will keep you your ear drums satisfied.


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The Barchitects:Bars Of Death ft Gorilla Nems

The Barchitects are back once again with another dope music video called Bars Of Death ft Gorilla Nems. It’s good to see that these hardcore mc’s from different boroughs of the greater New York City area can come together peacefully to wage war on one track that is appropriately titled Bars Of Death. I love the way that they flow on this track while delivering a non stop river of bloody punch lines that will knock your head smooth off. While other rappers today lack strong conviction in their music these three brothers crushes any competition out here that swear that they have bars out here. In this ratchet age that we live we carefully have to separate the real from the fake because some music artists have it & some music artists don’t but it’s plain to see or shall I say hear that The...

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BUGZ & MONEY BAGZ also known as the lyrical tag team of delivering golden bars are back as THE BARCHITECTS with another dope single & video off of their mixtape THE BARCHITECTS. These guys are really doing it B.I.G. style for New York & the rest of the whole Hiphop Nation. Their grind & hustle is relentless because they keep putting out good lyrical content & productive music videos that help keeps this Hiphop culture alive. This video is entertaining to watch & the lyrical wordplay is enough to make you want to get that work from Poppy so you can stay a float in these hard times because the grind never ends. BUGZ & MONEY BAGZ has made this dope sounding track a must have & keeper for my playlist for all of next year because it sounds like the theme track to grinding & hustling hard in or...

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That lyrical duo that we love to see throw bars back & forth over dope ass beats is back with a another brand new music video called None Of Ya Better. BUGZ & MONEY BAGZ also known as THE BARCHITECTS from TEAM HOMI has released some of the most remarkable lyrics & songs over the last two years to let us know that Hiphop is right back where it started at. As long as these two brothers keep the flame lit the greater New York City area will keep sounding like the shiznit for real!

Download http://www.datpiff.com/TEAM-HOMI-PRESENTS-Bugz-Money-Bagz-The-Barchitects-Vol-1-mixtape.723979.html

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