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Sychopath:Mount Rushmore

Sychopath is back with a new video called Mount Rushmore. This New Jersey native is far from that commercial bubble gum type of rap music artist. He spit bars that hold weight like bricks of dynamite that explode as punch lines in your ear drums. I must have listened to this songs hundred of time already because it sounds like that real life New Jersey experience & theme music type of soundtrack to your daily journey or daily routine. Sychopath has a more lyrically acclaimed & mature stance in Hiphop that sounds more enduring than main stream rap artists. This Jersey City music artist has some good note worthy tracks in his backpack that will keep you your ear drums satisfied.


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50 Cent:9 Shots

This video reminds me of when it comes to money verses friendship, friendship has no value these days. 50 Cent delivers a strong soundtrack to the theme of life currently going on in the streets of America right now. Don’t get caught up with friendship & money by trying to mix them together because when you do you will create stormy weather where somebody ass is going to get zapped!

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DJ Khaled:Hold You Down ft Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih

Often you find out later in life no matter what you are doing or going through it’s all about finding the right one to hold you down. This song hits home when you are going through the struggle while looking for love because at the end of the day we all need some one special to hold us all down.

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Lachy Osirus:Fat Caesar

Lachy Osirus Fat Caesar
Lachy Osirus:Fat Caesar:The new golden era champion of Hiphop

02.)To This(Oh Ahh) ft Harlem Lamar
03.)Salute Me(Too Hot)
04.)Old School Party ft Nizz Sentine & Rum
05.)I Reminisce ft Frank Metalz
06.)Position of Power
07.)Honeymoon Suite ft Harlem Lamar
08.)Caesar Funk ft Harlem Lamar
09.)When I’m Gone ft Louie Ave
10.)Know How We Do It

This new Fat Caesar mixtape by Lachy Osirus has good quality written all over it. From the beginning to the ending this mixtape it is a sure fire winner note worthy of having it’s own position on the self proclaimed charts of hiphop history. I like the song Old School because he paid homage to the old school before him by using the sample instrumental that he did...

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50 Cent:Hold On

50 Cent is back constantly with more fuel to ignite a lyrical onslaught of hot fire to inspire future gangster rappers to get rich or die trying.

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Ace Hood:Before The Rollie ft Meek Mill

You have to fuck with Ace Hood because he has a universal trap boy lyrical appeal that can relate to any brother or sister from the hood. He spits that real gutter butter type of hood shit that we went through are go through on a regular. Meek Mills lends assistance on representing on how he came up & what he went through before the rollies, bitches & fame.

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