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Monthly Archives October 2013

Team Homi:The Yellow Tape


1.)Crosshairs ft P.Stacks, P.H., Amzilla, Q.B. Swave Sevah & Ike P.
2.)Bars Of Death ft Sean Price, Poison Pen & Swave Sevah
3.)Body On The Way:Moneybagz, P.Stacks & Amzilla
4.)Reign ft Jess Jamez
5.)Hiphop Holy Ghost ft Bugz
6.)Live What I Rap ft P Stacks
7.)King Latifah ft P.H.
8.)Cross The Line ft Swave Sevah
9.)Batterin Bars ft Sean Price & P.H.
10.)FOH ft Rockness Monstah
11.)Bully Rap ft Sean Price & Real Reality
12.)Bucket Low ft Swave Sevah & Ike P
13.)Problem Child Freestyle ft Poison Pen & Moneybagz
14.)Hiphop ft Moneybagz
15.)Spin Cycle ft Ike.P
16.)Talk 2 Em ft Swave Sevah & Ike.P
17.)The Hit ft Swave Sevah & Ike.P
18.)B-Boy ft Sara Kana, Poison Pen & Jess Jamez
19.)The Illest ft Ill Will

The Hiphop gods must be crazy for assembling this team of crazy insane lyrical hard hitt...

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Public Enemy: Everything

Check out Everything by Public Enemy off of their latest album called Evil Empire of Everything. Real hiphop has no age & this new message is timeless. Chuck D just simply tells the truth from the heart that should be on main stream radio & tv but never will be! Support the realness because Public Enemy #1 back then, now & to eternity!

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Syschopath:See What Eye See

Syschopath gives his lyrical hood report about the hood & hood politics. See what he see when he is rollin’ & drivin’ through the hoods of Dirty Jerzy. Sounds like the soundtrack of living in New Jersey & Sychopath is the narrator of dropping a vivid lyrical picture written with ghetto gospel scripture!

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Redman Stoned Solider

1.Branson Branson
2.Break It On Down
3.Hands Up ft Mr Cheeks & DoItAll from Lords Of The Underground
4.Look’n Fly Too ft Method Man & Ready Roc
5.My 2nd Lighter
6.Rite(The Remix) ft Method Man & Loaded Lux
7.Rite ft Method Man
8.Step Up ft Method Man, Xzibit & Raekwon
9.Touchin’ Mo Cream ft LDJ & Money Carsin
10.White People Are Rioting (Freestyle)

All I can say is that this is another Brick City mixtape classic from the Funk Doctor Spot Redman. As I listened to this mixtape I heard the first joint Branson Branson & began to smile like I smoked a whole bag of cheeba all to my self without exhaling. Break It Down is Dirty Jersey hiphop classic in the making. Hand’s Up ft Mr Cheeks & DoItAll from Lords Of The Underground is a head boppin’ lyrical exp...

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50 CENT:Can’t Help My Self

Check out this new music video from 50 Cent he still got that hood poetic justice that makes us keep our eyes ears to the streets for that gutter hood shit that made him filthy rich!

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Redman is back with that official tissue Brick City blunt rap of hiphop that he has trademark straight out of Dirty Jerzy off of his latest mixtape called STONED S.O.L.D.I.E.R

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Check out this video from SCaRR featuring the lovely Ladii Red aka Samantha Gomez Model/Singer as his leading lady in this dope hiphop video. Check it out & listen to the lyrics!

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